Progress on Ometepe August

The satellite school at Tilgue has requested help to repair  their electrical system and a sum of $150 about £120 has been sent to help with this and work is currently being undertaken by a local electrician and the help of the parents. We had replaced the light bulbs so that the classrooms were illuminated but unfortunately a severe storm damaged them, so I have requested that a surge protector is now installed to prevent this happening again.  I observed when I was in Ometepe, the dangerous state of the infrastructure that children are working in and felt that this is as important to address as the educational equipment.  Particularly as we are able to send a lot of equipment boxed up in the containers, albeit that some is second hand.

The headteacher Hemer, continues to distribute pens and pencils at the start of term, eking out supplies.  Unfortunately we are not obtaining more from the regional Rotary club at present, just through local people's second hand donations.  But th…

Tackling the Yearplan

Whilst I was in Ometepe, we gathered evidence of the many needs of the schools and formed them into a yearplan thinking of the best time tom offer support and the priorities across the schools.

Since my return we have funded three further projects.

The first was the repairs to the roof in the secondary school.  One of the classrooms had a rusted roof which let in the rain and with the approaching raining season it was clearly going to make for very uncomfortable learning and teaching.  With the help of Marvin and Pedro Antonio we purchased materials and the repair was made.

There was a repair to a retaining wall needed in the primary school, again to prevent the foundations being washed away by the heavy rains.  We found ourselves able to support this task too.

More recently we have supported the construction of a retaining wall to prevent the mud being washed downhill onto the children's play area.
Meanwhile the school used some of its monthly allowance to protect the wood in the…

Work continues

When I left there were a couple of outstanding jobs to be done and Marvin kept behind them reporting back to me and sending receipts.  The main task was the completion of the floor in the secondary school, being undertaken by Jose's father Pedro Antonio..  This was duly completed and after time to dry was put in use.

There are however further tasks outstanding in this school, the  roof which really needs mending before the raining season and two further classrooms with very damaged floors.

A joining path in Rafaela Herrera was also completed to remove a dangerous drop.  This took few materials and a little labour but made such a difference to the school.

There seemed to be considerable difficulty getting things finished in Sintiope band Las Pilas.  However the head of Las Pilas was very ill, and it sounded like Coronovirus, although at that point the government was denying its existence in the country.  However the plumbing works at Sintiope were finally completed with the aid of …

Time out for final weekend

Saturday dawned a warm day with blue sky but followed by intermittent cloud and really heavy downpours in the evening, and Sunday has started cloudy and cool. I almost felt the need for a pullover. And now the rain is coming down heavily as if to prepare me for England.
I've been well bitten despite the deet. I think they've got me at night. Tonight I'll unfold the sheet and have it over my arms and head too. Especially since Miguel, the young man here said they're Zancudo, the big mosquitos and when I looked up they're the dengue fever ones. But I've not heard of it being around here at the moment. Yesterday I squashed one on  the sheet and it was full of blood! Mine I imagine.
Yesterday I did a little pen and ink sketch of the view and painted it later.
Miguel asked if he could have it as a present. I don't see why not! Marvin, Sylvia and Jordy arrived on the bus mid morning, I had been for a swim and was doing some sewing whilst drying off. I showed them…