Work continues

When I left there were a couple of outstanding jobs to be done and Marvin kept behind them reporting back to me and sending receipts.  The main task was the completion of the floor in the secondary school, being undertaken by Jose's father Pedro Antonio..  This was duly completed and after time to dry was put in use.

There are however further tasks outstanding in this school, the  roof which really needs mending before the raining season and two further classrooms with very damaged floors.

A joining path in Rafaela Herrera was also completed to remove a dangerous drop.  This took few materials and a little labour but made such a difference to the school.

There seemed to be considerable difficulty getting things finished in Sintiope band Las Pilas.  However the head of Las Pilas was very ill, and it sounded like Coronovirus, although at that point the government was denying its existence in the country.  However the plumbing works at Sintiope were finally completed with the aid of …

Time out for final weekend

Saturday dawned a warm day with blue sky but followed by intermittent cloud and really heavy downpours in the evening, and Sunday has started cloudy and cool. I almost felt the need for a pullover. And now the rain is coming down heavily as if to prepare me for England.
I've been well bitten despite the deet. I think they've got me at night. Tonight I'll unfold the sheet and have it over my arms and head too. Especially since Miguel, the young man here said they're Zancudo, the big mosquitos and when I looked up they're the dengue fever ones. But I've not heard of it being around here at the moment. Yesterday I squashed one on  the sheet and it was full of blood! Mine I imagine.
Yesterday I did a little pen and ink sketch of the view and painted it later.
Miguel asked if he could have it as a present. I don't see why not! Marvin, Sylvia and Jordy arrived on the bus mid morning, I had been for a swim and was doing some sewing whilst drying off. I showed them…

Final farewells

The end of the week has included two more school farewells, one at El Corozal and one at Las Pilas. And today I move on to another hotel, so the hotel owner is picking me up and taking me to Marvin's house. Patrick is coming too as he's doing some plumbing work.  Yesterday he went to the builders' merchant to buy the parts, with a lift from Carlos, who works here.

I had a quiet morning having a drink with Jose and his friend in a little ranchita near the university. His friend is also a recovering alcoholic and has been sobre for 18 months during which time he has set up this little business selling fruit drinks and bottled drinks to the university students. He has constructed much of it himself in wood and it is very good. I keep my fingers crossed for these young men who have lost their way. It is such a waste of their lives.  They gave me cake and a pineapple smoothie and wouldn't let me pay anything. This has been a big change this year as before I rather felt peop…

More activities

On Tuesday Patrick came to Rafaela Herrera to follow up the work on the water tank. Unfortunately they had  managed to lose the ball valve in the process of cleaning.  Marvin found the ball valve but not the arm, and as it was broken any way we decided a new one was needed. It's a bit difficulties I'm trying to translate for Patrick who makes little Spanish. I funds it a bit embarrassing as I'm used to speaking Spanish with everyone here. Fortunately there is a teacher Uzuel  who teaches English and he has helped too.  Patrick's a bit judgemental, uding phrases like, I can't understand why they do this or that, and you'd think at least they'd.. ...etc. He made comments like this about the latrines, not really understanding that if there's not  water coming through all the time, and if water has to be paid for, then of course people will use traditional latrines. And there's nothing wrong with them if they are dug correctly providing you don't mi…